Neutral Design Subverts The Watch Tradition

Who stipulates that ‘bulks’ with dial diameters greater than 38mm belong only to men? Who stipulates that the waterproof depth of 1200 meters is only a man’s patent? Who stipulates that minimalist designs can only be applied to women’s watches? Who stipulates that luxury jewelry must be set on women’s watches? In this era of subversion of tradition, as long as those trendy men and women are willing, the so-called rules of the game for men and women watches can also be just a ‘so-called’.

A, post-pop style reproduction
Since the pop wave of the last century, countless young people have chased such a wave at least while taking advantage of the last train of young people. Now radar is no exception. This all-black high-tech ceramic r5.5 watch reproduces the classic The design, the rounded square dial and the strap are completely integrated, which completely obscures the gender positioning of a watch, which reminds people of the days when bell-bottom pants, toad mirrors and flower shirts became popular.
RMB 25,600

Longines military watch series
B. Military watches are favored by women
Probably the most attractive thing for men’s watches for girls is the sturdy case and all kinds of quirky features, so people will always see men’s watches with oversized dials swaggering across the market. The military watch series launched by Longines just satisfies the curiosity of some girls. The stainless steel case can easily meet the challenges of life and has a water resistance of 30 meters. I believe that girls who love outdoor sports will surely love it.
RMB 7,900

Montblanc launches the ‘Viller 1858 series’
C, neutral wind in retro
Neutral is not the patent of modern aesthetics. In ancient times, neutral was a sought-after and unique style. The best example is Joan of Arc, who once wore white armor and shuttled on the battlefield. Today, Montblanc’s latest product, the ‘Viller 1858 Series’, the Zero Seconds Watch is a neutral watch that pays homage to vintage style. The design of the white dial and brown strap makes the entire watch look like a craftsman from the last century, while the rose gold case is a bit reserved for the aesthetics of contemporary clocks. RMB 418,080

Omega Seahorse Series
D. The temptation of a large dial
Although the Omega Seahorse series Ocean Universe Jewelry Watch has the most luxurious decoration and the high-profile appearance of inviting Nicole Kidman to endorse and show the world that this is indeed a female watch, from the market response, choose this ocean There are not a few men in the series. No wonder, from the appearance alone, even with diamonds, large silver-white dials and classic black crocodile straps, it is difficult to judge whether this is a Kun watch, and even if it is, it cannot stop some men’s pursuit, Because men can also be fascinated by jewelry.
RMB 140,200

IWC Da Vinci watches
E, the model of neutral design
If the watch also has a gender, it should be divided into male, female and neutral. In fact, the male watch and the female watch are highly referenced from the design level. Only the design of the neutral watch requires the designer’s Some hard work and absolute inspiration. IWC’s Da Vinci watch is a model of neutral watch design, the blue dial and blue alligator leather strap will make any man and woman fall in love at first sight. Between the squares, the silver tonneau-shaped dial can be paired with any outfit, and this is also a Da Vinci Lawrence commemorative watch. The graffiti relief on the back of the dial reminds every wearer of his old days.
RMB 215,000