Roger Dubuis New Excalibur Spider Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon Hollow Double Flying Tourbillon Watch

In the field of contemporary hollow movement craftsmanship, Roger Dubuis, a top watchmaking brand that has been pioneering and pursuing excellence all the way, is presented in 2015 with a completely different interpretation and creative presentation. The Excalibur Spider King Series concept watch is launched, with the aim of climbing the pinnacle of watchmaking in this way. All the hollow-out craftsmanship of this series of timepieces are perfectly matched and complemented by the brand’s breakthrough conventional and bold aesthetic creations.
   When Gregory Bruttin, the director of the brand’s R & D and manufacturing department, was asked about the meaning of the word ‘Spider’ in the name of the Excalibur Spider series, he would always mention the patience shown in the silk screens woven by resourceful spiders. , Rigorous and innovative nature, they make nets with new and complicated patterns every day, and constantly carry out and adjust their craft creation according to the new environmental situation. This is very similar to the way we perform our work at Roger Dubuis. In this brand new watch series, we not only try our best to make use of the expertise and knowledge we have accumulated in the hollow-out process, but also apply it to all aspects of the watch. ‘
    The star-shaped shape of the Excalibur King series has a strong recognition, which has become a symbol of Roger Dubuis’s unique skeleton movement. In addition, the tops of its star angles point to different hour scales, which once again show the watchmaking brand’s excellent technology that combines the original visual tension with the clarity, legibility and functionality of the watch.
    In the category of exquisite craftsmanship hollow watches, Roger Dubuis has fully exerted his professional skills acquired through the production of avant-garde movements for many years, reflecting the brand’s unique vision of hollowwork creation. Today, the brand has extended these hollowed-out processes full of innovation and extraordinary creativity beyond the movement, creating hollowed-out cases, bezels and hands. The unique multi-level modeling process of the watch factory has obtained a new interpretation here, and it displays the unique three-dimensional visual effect.
    The hollow-out process applied to the appearance of the watch enhances the architectural beauty of the movement. In addition, the comprehensive hollow-out interpretation-including the use of sophisticated and innovative case structures and the choice of modern materials such as titanium alloys-ensure wrist wear Lightweight and comfortable when you watch.
Excalibur Spider Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon

    Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis is the only brand in the watch industry to have a skeleton double flying tourbillon watch, so it naturally shoulders new conditions and missions in this field. Hollowing out the main exterior elements of this classic watch is like opening up a new driving direction for the original power of a sports car equipped with the most advanced engine and charming body.
    The various fiery red aluminum elements on the inner ring, crown and ring of this model are in sharp contrast with the titanium alloy of the case and the black DLC-coated titanium alloy, showing an eye-catching and vibrant sports style. With a variety of color choices, the British style is compelling. Limited to 188 pieces, this watch is equipped with the outstanding RD01SQ movement, which displays a variety of amazing features under a multi-layered structure consisting of a case, a bezel and a movement. The unique three-dimensional visual effect of the watch seems to present a wonderful contemporary urban landscape. Only watchmaking experts who can combine superb mechanical and architectural aesthetics can create such a unique timepiece.
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