Salute To Ferdinando Adolf Lange

In the commemorative series released this year, TOURBOGRAPH ‘Pour le Mérite’, LANGE 1 TOURBILLON tourbillon watch, and 1815 MOONPHASE moon phase watch are made of brand-new honey-colored alloy with unprecedented hardness. . Another highlight this year is the restoration of the most complex and precious pocket watch ever made by Lange in 1902, the Grand Complication No. 42500.
Three complication watches in the 165th Anniversary collection-TOURBOGRAPH ‘Pour le Mérite’, LANGE 1 TOURBILLON tourbillon watch, and 1815 MOONPHASE moon phase watch.
    In a world touring exhibition spanning eight cities, Lange’s watchmakers showcase past and present skills to collectors, retailers and the media. Among them, Jan Sliva, the director of the antique watch workshop and watchmaker who restored the Grand Complication No. 42500, vividly told visitors the complex process of repairing this unique masterpiece over the years. The brand also set up a carving table in the exhibition venue, allowing visitors to watch the carving masters perform the exquisite craftsmanship closely, and even experience the fun of carving in person under the guidance of experts.
Watchmaker Jan Sliva marries visitors to repair the complex process of this masterpiece.
    The tour started in September, and the first stop was held in the atrium of the world’s largest shopping center in Dubai, with Sheikh Mansoor Bin Rashid Al Maktoum as the host guest.
Sheikh Mansoor Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and brand sales director Daniel Rogger kick off their first tour in Dubai.
    Since then, the brand has held exhibitions in Milan, London, Madrid, New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Beijing. On December 7, the evening party of Residenzschloss in Dresden, Saxony, and the international press conference of Glashütte headquarters, planned for this event. The perfect period. I chose to end this day successfully, just because on December 7, 165 years ago, Ferdinando Adolf Lange set up the first house in Glashütte with the ambition to make the best watch in the world. Workshop.