Seiko Lukia’s First Women’s Mechanical Watch New Debut

In view of the women’s pursuit of clocks has become increasingly professional in recent years, the Japanese watchmaker SEIKO, which has long been committed to meeting the immediate needs of consumers, has officially announced the launch of SEIKO Lukia 2013 new autumn and winter mechanical watches. This is the first time for a Japanese watch brand to launch a professional women’s mechanical watch, which is aimed at the mid-priced mechanical women’s watch market. In addition to retaining the original and intellectual atmosphere of Lukia in the design, through the surface ‘open core’ design to glimpse the movement of the movement, it is more like a heartbeat to inspire women to enjoy every day. At the same time, through the unique craftsmanship of mechanical watches, it brings a new milestone for the female mechanical watch market.

 Continuing the concept of ‘gift of time’ from the previous season, SEIKO Lukia also re-annotated modern women with ‘beauty is fickle, self-confidence is absolute’ this fall and winter, and the advertising section ‘Sophisticated and Elegant Red’ (SSA898J1), especially for the opening The core dial is set with seven Swarovski crystals, designed for Asian women with a gorgeous, intellectual appearance and equipped with a self-winding mechanical watch that emphasizes craftsmanship, showing the wisdom and positive unique charm of women in the new era; another advertisement This ‘neutral elegant white’ solar chronograph model provides another option for women with different needs. At the same time, as the Christmas atmosphere became stronger, Lukia also offered two limited edition watches for Christmas. From now until 12/25, you can also get a ‘Confident Beauty Shawl Scarf’ when you purchase a designated watch.

 Spokesperson for SEIKO Lukia

Japanese watchmaker’s first women’s boutique mechanical watch
SEIKO Lukia was born for the dazzling ‘core’ women

 It has been observed that in the rising female consumer market, mechanical watches have become one of the hot topics. The pursuit of the quality of the movement and the beauty of the craftsmanship is no longer a male patent. Women become mechanical watch enthusiasts. To this end, SEIKO extended its tentacles to women’s mechanical watches, trying to give women a glimpse of the beauty of mechanical craftsmanship.

 The first boutique mechanical watch for Asian women, Lukia ‘Sophisticated and Elegant Red’ (SSA898J1), combines the mechanics of a mechanical watch with a complex mechanical watch structure and is arranged in a more compact female model. The see-through back cover provides a glimpse into the perfect movement of the delicate movement. It is especially distinguished by the seven core Swarovski crystals set on the open face plate, and the bright pink crocodile leather strap. Wisdom and beauty coexist.

 Provide more choices for women with different needs, and another advertising model ‘Neutral Elegant White’ solar chronograph model freely distributes the female autonomy style; inherits the current popular large-panel design and uses rose gold And the two-color set against the gray material strap perfectly combines the soft and neutral taste. The eight gorgeous Swarovski time scales and the enlarged writing moments at 12 o’clock further highlight the great character of new women in the workplace.

 SEIKO Lukia’s first boutique mechanical watch-‘Intellectual Elegant Red’ open core watch, priced at NT $ 16,000.

 SEIKO Lukia’s first boutique mechanical watch-‘Neutral Elegant White’ solar chronograph, priced at NT $ 23,500.

SEIKO Lukia’s Christmas Gift ‘Fang’
Spokesperson Lin Yichen invites you to enter a beautiful fairy tale

 As the perfect representative of lightly mature women, full of confidence and intellectual charm, the brand spokesperson Lin Yichen recommends the retro-styled ‘Lukia Christmas-limited watch’ with the retro style, set with eye-catching Swarovski crystals , Like the stars hanging in the Christmas night sky, is about to accompany you on a moving journey like a fairy tale. From now until December 25, SEIKO Lukia launches Christmas promotions on a large scale throughout Taiwan. When you purchase a designated model of SEIKO Lukia, you can get a ‘Confident Beauty Shawl Scarf’ (limited quantity, while supplies last ).

 SEIKO Lukia Christmas Limited Edition ‘Christmas Red’, priced at NT $ 24,500.

 SEIKO Lukia Christmas Limited Edition ‘Snow Snow’, priced at NT $ 22,500.