The Micro-painted Dial Highlights The Vitality Of The Peacock

On the square dial, sometimes it is the best canvas of the artisans. Those wonderful patterns suddenly appear on the small dial, which is really not enough with a magnifying glass. This dancer’s single-minded chronograph watch from Athens uses micro-painting to show the ultimate charm through sophisticated and exquisite craftsmanship. This limited edition of 28 watches is based on the theme of charming and attractive dancers, plus the perfect combination of peacock patterns, the combination of skills and creativity, the presentation of power and beauty, and the mystery of temperature and color. (Watch model: 6106-130 / E2-PINUP)

Gorgeous and noble

   This dancer’s single time-limited timepiece has excellent functions and rich artistic flavor. The gorgeous feathers of the peacock mysteriously envelope the dancer’s sexy curve. Through the action puppet table function, the peacock’s feathers will be displayed to reveal the dancer’s posture. The glamorous and charming dancer puts a red flower on her hairline and uses sexy high-heeled sandals to seduce the audience with a charming gesture and charming eyes, blowing the broken carcass and hiding under the colorful peacock feathers .

   These patterns on the dial are carefully drawn by the micro-painter of the Athens watch with unique strokes. The painter uses acrylic paint as a pigment and mixes directly on the dial. With extremely fine brushes, outline the vivid details of figures and animals. . Although the micro-painting surface is beautiful, it is also a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. It takes 50 to 90 hours for the artisans in Athens to complete it.

   The case is made of 18mm rose gold with a diameter of 43 mm. Through the anti-glare and anti-wear sapphire crystal, it is clear that there are two hand-painted dolls on the black dial. The peacock will jump every hour, half an hour, or when the wearer presses the handle, or the wearer actively presses the button at 4 o’clock, the watch will accurately tell the time, and This function can be released by pressing the button at two points, fully reflecting the advanced complex functions of the mechanical timepiece.

   The 18K rose gold crown is the same as the case material, with the classic Athens logo engraved on the top, and it is waterproof, with a depth of 30 meters.

   This dancer’s single-minded chronograph limited watch is paired with a black leather strap, which is elegant and elegant. The folding clasp makes the watch easy to wear, not easy to lose, safe and comfortable.

   The watch is equipped with a UN-610 mechanical movement with automatic winding function and a power reserve of about 42 hours. Like the back of the watch, the watch also uses anti-wear sapphire crystal glass, which not only protects the complex inner movement, but also appreciates the beauty of the movement through the transparent back cover.
In summary: Although this dancer single-minded chronograph watch uses the traditional Athenian design, it has a sexy and charming pattern decoration and is functional and practical. Even if it is valuable, men will like it. Especially in the dead of night, the melodious sound of the timepiece is indeed a wonderful thing.