The Pinnacle Of The Langer Track Moon Phase Display 14 Days Power Reserve Perpetual Calendar Watch Tasting

At the 2014 Geneva watch exhibition, Lange brought an amazing work Lange RICHARD LANGEPERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’ with a chronograph moon phase display and a 14-day power reserve movement This watch complies with Lange’s many benchmarks in terms of accuracy, innovation and design aesthetics, whether it is the surface or the bottom cover, which is equally impressive. This watch is equipped with trajectory moon phase display, perpetual calendar with Lange large calendar display, 14-day power reserve and constant power escapement system, which is the pinnacle of Saxony’s watchmaking technology. Official model: 180.032

 Lange produces only thousands of gold watches each year, all equipped with exclusive movements carefully modified and assembled by hand. Each watch is a boutique, representative of high-end watches. This brand-new Lange RICHARD LANGEPERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’ is carefully crafted by Lange and is a masterpiece of brand strength.

Lange track moon phase display 14 days power reserve perpetual calendar watch detailed illustration

 The Lange trajectory moon phase display 14-day power reserve perpetual calendar watch is equipped with a 45.5 mm 18K rose gold case. The round design of the time display and the perpetual calendar window are the characteristics of the watch, showing the unique hour of the scientific precision watch. Layout.

 A large minute ring is placed on top of the dial. Hours and seconds are set on the right and left, respectively. The design of the dial is inspired by the timepiece created by Johann Heinrich Seyffert in 1807 and is now housed in the world-renowned Zwinger Palace Mathematical Physics Salon in Dresden.

 Below the unique Lange calendar display, there are small windows for the day and month on the left and right. This arrangement makes the calendar display clear at a glance. The perpetual calendar device is set by a mechanical program, which can correctly display the different days of each year in the whole year and in each month of the leap year. No adjustment is required until 2100 years ago.

 The leap year display is set in a small round window to the right of the number ’15’ in the minute circle. All calendar displays can be advanced instantly, ensuring that the displays are clear at all times. To ensure that the required force is minimized during the switching process, the energy is gradually stored by the rotation of the cam and then released at midnight.

 The watch is equipped with a Lange watch factory-made L096.1 movement, which is manually wound. It meets Lange’s strictest quality standards, and is carefully modified and assembled by hand. Equipped with two sturdy mainspring dual barrels, providing 14 days power reserve. The movement is 11.1 mm thick and the 18k rose gold case is 16.5 mm thick. The button is used to advance the display of the perpetual calendar, and the hidden buttons correct the display of the month, week, and moon phase, respectively.

 Through the side of the movement, you can see the patent-pending trajectory moon phase display. This innovative technology device, which was first installed in the watch, shows the position of the moon relative to the earth and the sun.

 The moon orbits the earth counterclockwise. Left to right: New Moon, First Moon, Full Moon, Second Moon

 The orbital moon phase display consists of three disks. On a star-studded celestial disk, the moon is exposed in a circular window, and it rotates counterclockwise around the earth’s orbit once a month. This device accurately weights the existing moon days of 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 3 seconds, and it is not necessary to correct one day after 1058. Below it is a rotating moon phase disk with two new moons. The phase of the moon can be observed through the window of the celestial disc. In the constellation chart, the balance wheel represents the position of the sun. On the new moon, the dark moon will appear between the earth and the sun. On the other side of the earth is a full moon day, showing a bright moon. Therefore, the moon’s position and phase will be presented at the same time. The earth set at the center of the display rotates around the earth axis once a day. The side facing the sun or balance wheel is day and the other side is night. The outer 24-hour scale is used as a reference to the time in the northern hemisphere.

 In terms of accuracy, Lange product developers not only focus on the structure of the moon phase display device with three solid white 18K gold discs, the design is also the focus. In order to clearly and beautifully display the image of the trajectory moon phase display, the researchers adopted special coating technology. For example, the interference effect of overlapping light waves on a celestial disc can absorb all the non-blue spectrum of incident light, and finally form a dark blue surface, which is in sharp contrast to the form of over a thousand well-defined stars.

 In the new L096.1 self-made movement, the center-mounted permanent-spring of the constant-power escapement is also manufactured by the watch factory. The vibration frequency of its pointerless oscillation system is 21,600 times per hour. Other Lange-style quality signs include hand-carved balance wheel splints and exquisite hand-decorated movements.

Summary: The Langer RICHARD LANGEPERPETUAL CALENDAR ‘Terraluna’ is equipped with a chronograph moon phase indicator and a 14-day power reserve movement. It is a brand new product and a key work at this year’s Geneva watch exhibition. The design of the front dial of the watch is derived from classic pocket watches, and its elegant layout can stand the test of time. The L096.1 movement, made by Lange, has complex functions and fine carvings. Each part reflects the meticulous spirit of the watch factory. The most special is the creative display on the back of the movement: the moon phase display depicting the trajectory of the planet, moon and sun constellation. In the past, most of the high-end watches we saw were decorated on the case and dial. This time, Lange took a different approach and chose the side of the movement, which is amazing. In addition to the 18K rose gold model, there are also white 18K gold models to choose from. The specific price is unknown, and it must be expensive.
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