The Six Watch Brands Will Make The Most Money.

I like watches and also talk about watches, but in front of the brand staff, there are some things that are not very convenient to ask, such as how many watches this brand sells a year, how much money it makes . It is estimated that after the other party listened, his face continued to smile and his heart continued to MMP. However, the more secretive some things are, the more curious. What the brand does not want to say does not mean that no one knows. No, Da Morgan (Morgan Stanley) has dug up the sales and sales volume of the Swiss brand in 2017. Last year, the 6 most profitable watch brands, 3 from the Swatch Group, Damo is an old American company, headquartered in New York, the main business is finance, it is said that it has nothing to do with watches. I don’t know why, this time suddenly whim, aiming at the Swiss watch. In order to give objective and real data, Damo counted about 350 Swiss brands and selected brands with sales of more than 1 billion Swiss francs in 2017. The comparison chart of the sales and sales volume of the six brands found that only six met the criteria of Damo. The six brands are Rolex, Omega, Cartier, Longines, Patek Philippe and Tissot. Rolex Group’s sales of 4.1 billion Swiss francs last year According to Damo statistics, Rolex sold about 770,000 watches last year, with sales of 3.9 billion Swiss francs. If you include its ‘brother’ Tudor, it is almost 4.1 billion Swiss francs. , Earn a lot of money in the Swiss brand, sit firmly in the top spot. Rolex sells well, I’m not surprised at all, just look at the green water ghost fire, and now it is said that more than 80,000 have been fired in China. Rolex has a lot of hot sales, such as diary, explorer, Daytona, etc. In short, it gives the impression that ‘the emperor’s daughter does not worry about marrying.’ Although Rolex is not the top-level watch and does not plan to make the top-level watch, it is very high in the minds of many people. Every time a cousin meets, there are always the most people wearing Rolex. The major watch forums, the Rolex section is also the most popular. In Shanghai, there are even a group of people who like Rolex spontaneously set up a civil organization called the ‘Labor Devil’s Club’, and every time they engage in activities, the momentum is huge. Precision and durability are Rolex’s watchmaking concepts. I own a Rolex. I bought it for five or six years without any maintenance. Now the day difference is only one or two seconds, and luminous is still very powerful. Of course, Rolex is not perfect, and the new movement has also been adjusted slightly after it was introduced to the market. But relatively speaking, its pricing, quality and after-sales are considered very conscience in the watch brand. Although Rolex is also profitable, at least it does not make money from repairs. Rolex’s old rival Omega also performed well. According to the calculation of Damo, the sales volume of Omega in 2017 was 730,000 pieces, and the sales reached 2.27 billion Swiss francs. From the perspective of sales volume, the Omega Seamaster Olympic series gold watches are not much different from Rolex, but the sales are not an order of magnitude. The main reason is that the unit price of Omega is lower than that of Rolex, so once the general ledger is calculated, the gap between the two naturally widens. Omega is also a well-known and well-loved watch brand. Without Rolex, perhaps Omega’s days would be much more moist. It always felt that there was a Nomos distance between Omega and Rolex. The super-magnetic-proof 8900 movement Omega belongs to the brand that is both internal and external. If it is said that the early 2500 movement was slightly immature and occasionally stole, then the later 8500 movement, until the latest 8900 Zhizhen Observatory movement, has developed the coaxial escapement technology to be very mature. In addition to the lever escapement, the coaxial escapement is currently the only escapement mechanism suitable for mass production. Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra dial details. I have an old classmate who was preparing to change the watch. After reading several brands including Omega, I felt good, but I was hesitant about which one to buy, so I consulted my opinion. I analyzed these brands in detail and recommended him Omega Seahorse based on his professional attributes and actual situation. After careful consideration and repeated attempts, he finally bought the new Omega Seahorse. Of the brands he considered, maybe Omega is not necessarily the highest-end, but it must be the best for him. Cartier sold about 470,000 watches last year with sales of 1.7 billion Swiss francs. Strictly speaking, in terms of watches, Cartier is a French brand made in Switzerland, and its watchmaking workshop is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. As the core brand of Richemont Group, Cartier Flame Gold Crafts is not only beautiful, but also the most profitable to support the family, so it is logical to enter the threshold of sales exceeding 1 billion Swiss francs. In Richemont, Cartier is divided into the jewelry department. However, it ‘does not work properly,’ and inadvertently makes the clock and watch flourish. Cartier Santos de Cartier series is undeniable, Cartier’s strength is still very strong. Perhaps some watch friends are dismissive of Cartier from a ‘non-professional watchmaking’ background, but so many people like Cartier watches, naturally have its reason. In fact, the value is high, selling well is the king. A professional watch brand with no friends, if the watch cannot be sold, it has to be closed sooner or later. As long as the brand makes money, there will be plenty of opportunities to study technology in the future. Even if you don’t research it yourself, you can ask for a technical big deal. Just like Harry Winston’s Opus series, they basically invite some god-level independent watchmakers in the industry to operate. What’s more, just talking about technology, why is Cartier inferior? Those who find Cartier’s watchmaking technology ‘weak’ can take a good look at their high-end models. Regardless of technology or art, these high-end models can hang on to many professional watchmaking brands. In terms of sales in 2017, Longines is almost the sum of the previous three brands, reaching 1.9 million yuan. However, because Longines is focusing on the mid-range positioning, there are still many quartz watch products, so the sales are 1.47 billion Swiss francs. Longines Boya series men’s watches in fact have a much higher positioning in the history of Longines. In the 1920s and 1930s, at that time, even Patek Philippe widely used outsourced chronograph movements, but Longines was already able to produce good chronograph movements on its own. , Such as the famous 13ZN and 30CH. The ultra-thin self-winding movement L990, introduced in 1975, was praised by watch fans. Longines ‘elegant image ambassador Lin Zhiling may have been downgraded after entering the Swatch Group. Longines’ movement is now the world of ETA. But from another perspective, this may not be a blessing from misfortune. The main mid-range Longines, no matter how well-known or influential, even the ability to make money, in the group, apart from Omega, they are really not afraid of anyone. Although the Longines Jialan series watches do not touch Longines, but how many people only buy high-end watches? So anyway, Longines is a successful brand. It allows the broad masses of people to buy authentic Swiss watches at a not too high price. Patek Philippe is the only top watch brand among these six brands. It sold 56,000 pieces in 2017 with sales of 1.3 billion Swiss francs. This result has been quite good, in terms of profitability, ‘killed’ all brands that are similar to its positioning. Patek Philippe 5089G Patek Philippe knows how to make a watch, and how to make a show. It has a deep routine in advertising. The phrase ‘no one can own Patek Philippe, just to keep it for the next generation’, its lethality and influence, it can be regarded as the ‘brain platinum’ in the watch industry. It is undeniable that Patek Philippe 5205G has made a lot of contributions to the watch industry. Take the clockwork on a mechanical watch. Most of them have to turn the crown. The ancestor of this technology is Patek Philippe. The dials of their homes are also very good, even when the movement has not yet achieved substantial self-production, the dials have begun to produce themselves. The PP imprint on the movement says that the Stern dial factory has to be mentioned here. A long time ago, the Stern dial factory was a supplier of Patek Philippe dials. Later, the New York stock market plummeted in 1929, which caused a huge economic crisis. Patek Philippe found itself unable to sustain itself. At this time, the Stern dial factory resolutely launched and rescued in 1932 (Acquired) Patek Philippe. After that, Patek Philippe naturally used its own dial. Finally take a look at Tissot. People-friendly Swiss brands such as Tissot can reach the top six this time, which is slightly unexpected. Tissot sold 3.1 million watches in 2017 and achieved sales of 1.1 billion Swiss francs. It is the first Swiss watch for many Chinese people. The price is close to the people, the style is changeable, and it sponsors various sports events for many years. It seems that there are many basketball games. Tissot Duluer series in the Swatch Group, Tissot is also a very pioneering brand. Its so-called innovation is not simply shouting slogans, but it does have practical actions. From rock watchmaking in the mid-1980s to later wood watchmaking. From the world’s first high-tech touch-screen watch T-touch in the late 1990s to the 80-hour power movement in cooperation with ETA, Tissot can always bring people something different. Tissot is also probably one of the easiest Swiss watch brands to buy. With a history of more than 160 years, Tissot can find sales points in more than 160 countries around the world.