This Year’s 4 Important Patek Philippe

It is not too late to get to the topic. The difference between Patek Philippe and other watch brands is that at the watch exhibition every year, Patek Philippe only releases newly launched watches as new watches, and many new models that have been modified are not even released. Therefore, although Patek Philippe updates a lot of new watches every year, it will give people the illusion that one or two new watches will be released this year.
   This year’s Patek Philippe’s most important watch is the 5650, which is the latest model in Patek Philippe’s ‘Advanced Research’. After the beginning of the year, many people wrote Patek Philippe’s new heavyweight watch. I saw that since everyone writes PP, I will not get together. I wrote 5650 and 6006 before, so I decided to show 4 important Patek Philippe this year besides 5650 and 6006. The four tables include new models and modified models.
First one, black face 5960A

The Patek Philippe steel case 5960A has a black face this year.
   This year, Patek Philippe launched the 5960A black plate, which was unexpected. Because I used to think that after the 5960A in the white plate, there will be no subsequent version. 5960 is Patek Philippe’s most famous annual calendar chronograph. I remember it was first introduced in 2006. The 3960 calendar window above the 5960 dial and the coaxial 30-minute and 12-hour counter below the dial. The dial layout is very harmonious and beautiful and unique to Patek Philippe. Coupled with the use of the CH28 automatic chronograph calendar movement, very convenient, 5960 is one of Patek Philippe is very suitable for wearing a complex watch. Before and after 5960, there were R in rose gold, P in platinum, and A in steel later. It was amazing to have a steel case on a complex watch at the level of 5960. As a result, after the introduction of the steel case 5960A, Patek Philippe produced a watch very similar to the 5960, which is also an annual calendar, 5905 (5905P). At the time I thought 5905 was the successor to 5960. Patek Philippe will replace 5960 with 5905. 5905 is very similar to the successor to 5960. The size of 5905 is 42 (5960 is 40). 5905 merges the 5960 chronograph into a 60-minute counter , Replaced the 5960 round button timing button with a square button. From 5960 to 5905, everything seems so logical. As a result, this year Patek Philippe came out with a black face 5960A (and a blue disc 5960G).

The color of the black surface 5960A is exactly the opposite of the previous white surface.
   The new black-faced 5960A I think should be the last ‘steel king’ of Patek Philippe (one of the most expensive steel watches sold in Patek Philippe), Patek Philippe will not have other versions of the 5960A. The color of the black-and-white 5960A and the white-and-white 5960A ‘black and white double-shake’ disks is exactly the opposite. One of the characteristics of the white-and-black 5960A is the white disk, black needles and black time scales. Time scale white scale. The other two tables are the same. Patek Philippe uses a new five-row bracelet for the 5960A, plus the chronograph seconds and chronograph minutes hands, which looks very sporty, which also highlights the characteristics of stainless steel movement, very thoughtful. Now you can choose one from the ‘black and white double evil’. The public price of 5960A is about 370,000, which is similar to the annual calendar of the gold case 5396. The auction and secondary market prices of 5960A are about 200,000 (in the early 200,000). Buying a 5960A with a steel case or a 5396 with a gold case or a cheaper 5146 may require tangling.
The second one, 5168G

Patek Philippe 5168G Platinum Shell Grenade
   Because Nautilus 5711 is very difficult to buy, there are no specialty stores, it is difficult to see in the secondary market, and it is more than the regular price. So many people go to buy the grenade 5167A, anyway, 5167 is better than 5711. According to the current situation, I also went to buy 5167A. I am a poor man, and I do n’t wear a watch. 5167 is a ‘derivative model’ of 5711. The two ‘ears’ of 5711 have been removed. It has tape and is cheaper. The public price of the steel case 5167A is about 140,000 (tape), which is already 20,000 cheaper than Vacheron Constantin’s new vertical and horizontal sea three-pin version.

The size of the 5168G has been increased from 40 mm to 42 mm.

   This year is 20 years since the birth of Patek Philippe Aquanaut, so PP has released two new grenades this year. One is 5650 and one is 5168G. 5650 is a new watch in Patek Philippe’s advanced research series. It is a silicon spring with a redesigned inner and outer curve and a new two-time mechanism. It has previously exceeded the public price to about 1 million. The 5168G is the first ‘grenade’ to use a platinum case. The 5168G blue disk is also different from the general 5167A black disk and 5167R brown disk. The biggest change of 5168G this time is the size. The previous Patek Philippe’s 5167 are all 40 mm, and the new 5168G is 42 mm, which is the largest grenade currently. Although Patek Philippe has always been very restrained and does not blindly follow the trend of the brand, it is an indisputable fact that Patek Philippe is slowly increasing the size of its watches. So now that there is a precedent for 5168G, will the subsequent grenade (5167, 5164) also increase in size? Hard to say. The new platinum case 5168G is a very low-key luxury sports watch. If you do n’t know, the platinum case would be a steel watch. The public price of 5168G is a little more than RMB 290,000, which is much ‘cheap’ compared to 5650. Under the circumstances that this nautilus is not very easy to buy (mainly steel shell models), there are not too many obstinate brothers. Look at the grenade. After all, not only can it be encountered on the market, but also the secondary market represented by auctions. The market price of 5167A is only around 100,000.
Third 5170P

Patek Philippe 5170P, platinum cased diamond hour markers.

   As I mentioned before, if you don’t pay much attention, the 5170P King of Patek Philippe’s single chronograph will be drowned in other watches this year. The 5170 is one of the best hand-wound chronographs in Patek Philippe and the watch world. This chronograph using only the manual-winding CH29 movement not only has outstanding movement decoration and a spiral layout, but also contains no less than 6 Patek Philippe new patented technologies in the CH29 movement, allowing the 5170 to start at every start. , Stop, zeroing and gear meshing details are seamless (mainly modify the gear shape, add gem bearings to the zeroing device, etc.). And this year’s new 5170P can be called the king of contemporary chronographs. In addition to the technical configuration of the 5170, the 5170P also has a platinum case and a diamond body.

5170P (left) and 5170R (right)

5170 used CH29 manual winding movement.
   The previous 5170 G, R, and J had white and black disks. Of course, this year’s 5170P with a platinum case will use a blue disk with platinum. The biggest change of the platinum case 5170P is the use of a diamond on the dial as the time index. Patek Philippe’s diamond cutting is very low-key, without a strong fire. Platinum case 5170P is completely understated luxury. Another change of the platinum 5170P is the speedometer ring on the dial outer ring. Before the Patek Philippe 5170J was a pulsometer and the 5170G outer ring was a track scale. At the same time, the 5170P new luminous toffee needles, G, R willow needles, J’s rod needles are also different. In addition, the most obvious identifying feature of Patek Philippe 5170 is that it is lower than the dial’s centerline of the small seconds dial and 30-minute counter. The ‘sinking’ small dial is the same as Lange 1815chrono and DATO (Langer sinks more) The hero sees the same. 5170 has a diameter of 39.4 mm and a thickness of 10.5 mm. It is a perfect size, small and thin. In other words, as a hand-wound chronograph, the 5170 has not yet been tested.
Fourth 5320G

Patek Philippe 53.2 million calendar
   5320 is an eye-catching watch. We know that Patek Philippe will eventually launch such a watch, but before that, no one knows which day this watch will arrive. Eventually Patek Philippe launched 5320 this year. In my mind 5320 is Patek Philippe’s most important watch this year, more important than any Patek Philippe this year or even in recent years, because this 53.2 million calendar has made people wait too long, too long, almost 30 years.

The 5320’s luminous hands, hour markers and lugs are very unique.
   The reason why I did not write such an important watch separately is because I think that the people who wrote 5320 before were more detailed than I wrote, and I will not write it. The 5320 watch is important because this watch restores the original look of the Patek Philippe perpetual calendar. The perpetual calendar of 5320 is like the ancestor style of Patek Philippe perpetual calendar. The perpetual calendar is one of the essence of Patek Philippe. Although too many brands now have perpetual calendars, we can take a look. The 53.2 million calendar is unique to Patek Philippe (the other perpetual calendars are all 5140, 5327 style). This dial with two windows (days, months) below the 12 o’clock position and a 6 o’clock analog date was introduced by Patek Philippe in 1941 (1526). Since then, until the 1980s, the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar has been in this layout until 3940 appeared (3940 is now the predecessor model of 5140). It was also after the advent of 3940 that Patek Philippe never used this layout on the perpetual calendar until 5320 this year. Players familiar with Patek Philippe know that 5396 uses this layout, but 5396 is an annual calendar. One of the reasons 5396 has been very hot is also because of this classic Perpetual Philippe calendar layout.

The perpetual calendar of the Patek Philippe 5320 is on the 324 movement, which is different from the perpetual calendar of the 5140 and 5327 on the 240 movement.
   Specifically, the dial of the new 53.2 million calendar mainly inherits the appearance of Patek Philippe’s 159.1 million calendar. The main characteristics are the luminous hands and luminous time scales (the luminous time scales and hands give this watch a hint of movement). One difference is that we can see two small dots below the 5320 disk surface, one is the day and night display, and the other is the leap year display. The perpetual calendar in the history of Patek Philippe only officially appeared on the 3450 in 1981 (the 3449 is said to have the flat indicator on the orphan model). Prior to this, Patek Philippe’s perpetual calendar could not see the leap year. 5320 Another area of ​​concern is the lugs. The 5320 has a rare, beautiful lug. The lugs have three segments, which were very rare on previous Patek Philippe. According to information, the three-section lugs of the 5320 are from Patek Philippe 2405. It is also worth noting that the perpetual calendar module of Patek Philippe 5320 is on the 324 movement, which is different from the perpetual calendar on the 5140 and 5327 built on the 240 movement.

   Brothers have money to buy 5320, this watch is absolutely right.