Tissot Shanghai’s First Directly-operated Store Opens In Dragon’s Dream

Dragon’s Dream store has changed the design of other stores to black. A large area of ​​white is used to represent the future and high technology. It is embellished with red and classic black that symbolize enthusiasm and innovation. Simple. Among them is a sense of modernity. The screen at the entrance shows the brand-new black and white photo of the Tissot image ambassador, shot by well-known American photographer Jeff Burton.
    Entering the store, six sets of black-red display cabinets form the back area in the middle of the specialty store, displaying the most complete Tissot products. From classic collections most popular with Chinese consumers, to fashionable and sports products with novel designs; from classic retro designs to high-tech innovative touch-screen watches, everything is available.
    The direct-operated store is located on the first floor of the Longmeng Shopping Center, a landmark building in the commercial district of Shanghai Zhongshan Park. The two main rail transits in Shanghai meet here, and business, leisure, and cultural advantages are fully realized. The shop is equipped with an after-sales service studio, where customers can experience Tissot’s professional after-sales service and maintenance at close range. In just a few minutes, the maintenance engineer can quickly and professionally replace the battery or cut the strap, and even maintain a watch.
    Dr. Fei Xi, Vice President of Tissot Global Sales, and Mr. Yao Zhongwei, Vice President of Tissot China, and the spokesperson Huang Xiaoming cut the ribbon for the opening of the new store, and toasted the grand opening of the Dragon Dream Mall specialty store.