Tissot Tissot Lloyd Series ‘fu’ Limited Edition Welcome New Year

In the traditional essence of the Chinese nation for more than 1,000 years, ‘blessing’ symbolizes happiness and blessing. ‘Book of Rites’ says: ‘Blessed, the name of Baishun is also.’ In the world of Tissot, a famous Swiss watch brand with a long history of more than 160 years, time is like the ‘blessing’ culture of Chinese celebrities Time can control a happy life. Today, Tissot watchmakers have combined the century-old exquisite watchmaking traditional craftsmanship with the traditional Chinese ‘blessing’ culture, and have achieved this outstanding timepiece work that means ‘Baifu Chengxiang’-the Tissot Leloc series ‘ ‘Fu’ limited edition. The simple and classic design makes the entire watch look like an exquisite palace of art. The twelve scales surround the embossed ‘Fu’ word, bringing the happiness and perfect blessing to the consumers all over the world. This limited edition of 4,999 watches makes this blessing even more precious.

 Tissot Rock series ‘Fu’ limited edition (limited to 4,999 pieces worldwide), suggested selling price: RMB 4,850

Blessings are always together
The limited edition of the ‘Luck’ series of the Le Locle series is a special gift from the famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot during the Chinese New Year. The word ‘blessing’, meaning ‘Baifu Chengxiang’, leaped above the dial in relief, changing the monotony of ordinary watches, full of festive and auspicious festival atmosphere. The detailed and orderly Roman numerals and bar scales show an elegant attitude towards life, surrounding the blessing; at six o’clock below the dial, the English name of the Leloc series is engraved with vintage handwritten italics, adding nostalgic charm; things Fang cultures collide, blend, and combine here, and the three-dimensional relief displays the beauty of conflict and harmony. Turning the watch, the sophisticated design is also reflected on the back of the watch. The Tissot nameplate outlines the perfect outline, and there are medieval vintage carvings surrounding it, allowing you to experience the precipitation of time. All of this is incorporated into the limited edition of 4,999 watches, and the blessing of the Chinese New Year is even more precious.

Tissot Rock series limited edition

Precision and power
The limited edition of the ‘Luck’ series of the Le Locle series not only has an elegant appearance and beautiful meaning, but also tells its indissoluble bond with the city of time with its timeless and excellent performance. This self-winding ETA2824-2 movement, made in Switzerland, features 25 gemstones to keep track of your time. With the sound of new year’s festive firecrackers, why not enter into the new year with your eyes full of happiness, and give yourself an auspicious wish, so that you can live comfortably and be blessed forever.

Beautifully carved and engraved back cover with limited number