Unexpected And Expected

Originally, horse racing was not favored on the racetrack, but unexpectedly became the winner in the race, which surprised most people. Usually this kind of horse is called ‘black horse’. The ‘Black Horse’ comment in the Modern Chinese Dictionary is: ‘Competitors with unexpected metaphors or unexpected winners.’

    On November 7, 2015, Switzerland time, the sixth Only Watch charity auction was held in Geneva as scheduled. Coincidentally with the night of the 7th in Beijing, what surprised me that night was not that Patek Philippe’s 5016A-010 sold a sky-high price of more than 46 million yuan, but Tudor’s Ref.7923 engraving actually sold 375,000 Swiss francs (about The high price of more than 2.3 million yuan) is undoubtedly the biggest ‘dark horse’ in this auction. After all, the price of this watch before the auction can only be 3,500 to 4,500 Swiss francs!

    Let’s introduce this ‘dark horse’ first. This time, Tudor is the first time to participate in the Only Watch charity auction. As Tudor, which has been based on mass production, this is the only lone watch in its history. A replica of the Ref.7923 watch, which was produced in the mid-1950s of the last century, and is extremely rare. The unique non-Benz non-snowflake bar pointer is completely different from other Tudor dive watches. Ref.7923 is also the only diver’s watch with a manual winding movement.

   This TUDOR Heritage Black Bay One, made exclusively for Only Watch 2015, has a bright black dial, dial scales and gold hands (reproduced in gold) inherited from Ref.7923. The original Ref.7923 dial layout and the two lines of text at 6 o’clock are also retained, and the text is red. Ref.7923’s original ‘seismic’ words have also been retained.
   Ref.7923 is coated with luminous material directly on the dial, this one is covered with gold inserts. The dial is arched, and the sapphire mirror is also arched, continuing the arched acrylic mirror that was very popular in the watchmaking industry in the 1950s. The mirror surface is fixed with the Emperor’s single rotating outer ring, which is the same as Ref.7923, but with a minute scale added.
   The movement uses ETA 2824 instead of Tudor’s new MT5621 self-produced movement released by Basel this year. The watch also comes with two unique straps, dark brown antique belt and jacquard woven navy gray textured strap.
   This is definitely the most expensive watch in the history of the 2824 movement. Although it is not well understood, whether it is the person who took the watch, the charity auction or the Tudor watch itself, it is a happy situation. The photographer took his favorite watch by the way and did a good deed, and ‘Du’s Malnutrition’ also had more research funding, and Tudor itself also made an invisible advertisement through these 2.3 million yuan, maybe the basic Black Bay model will be large Sell ​​it.

Ref. 5004T

   In contrast, although Patek Philippe’s Ref.5016A-010 also sold a sky-high price, it was expected that the sky-high price was inevitable, just the price. Two years ago, the 5th Only Watch Patek Philippe’s Ref. 5004T titanium watch was sold for 25 million yuan. The charm of Patek Philippe’s orphan watch has become self-evident in the minds of collectors.

   Ref.5016A-010, the first and only stainless steel model of the 5016 series, can be said to be rare in Patek Philippe’s super-complex watches, and it also uses an elegant blue enamel dial. The Patek Philippe 5016 series began in 1993. It combines Calatrava-style case design with three complex functions (Tourbillon, Minute Repeater and Perpetual Calendar) and moon phase profit and loss display. It has been the most complicated model of Patek Philippe for a long time. , Discontinued in 2011. The 5016 in history seems to be a precious metal version, and the output is not much, it is not a watch that you can buy.
   And after 4 years, this Ref.5016A-010 end-of-life watch is re-launched. It is made of non-precious metal steel. It is also a signal for collectors like those who collected Ref.5016 to release all the ‘Dragon Balls’. You’re just one last step. Therefore, for this final ‘absolute ringtone’, it was sold at a sky-high price of more than 46 million yuan. Although it set a record for auction, it was not unexpected.
   It is known that, whether unexpectedly or unexpectedly, Only Watch is both a charity auction, and this may also be a ‘miracle’ that belongs only to charity auctions. Moreover, ‘charity’ cannot be measured by money, are you right? ?