Vacheron Constantin Commemorates The 300th Birthday Of Jean-jacques-rousseau

Vacheron Constantin actively participated in a series of important cultural activities in memory of ‘Rousseau pour Tous’ (People’s Rousseau), the last of which was ‘JJR Opera’ (Citizens of Geneva). Vacheron Constantin participated in the 200th anniversary of Rousseau’s birthday, and this year will also commemorate Rousseau, the 300th anniversary of the birth of the great philosopher of the Enlightenment. Rousseau was the descendant of the watchmaker in Geneva. He was born at the beginning of the cultural, social, and political era, when the trend of thought upended his society. Rousseau represents an extremely modern mindset. Despite the distant historical origins of this philosophical concept, the cultural and human emancipation trend it triggered has undoubtedly affected the face of fine watchmaking.
    Vacheron Constantin and Rousseau got together very early. Enlightenment Jean-Marc Vacheron opened his watchmaking workshop in Geneva in 1755. He is a skilled watchmaker obsessed with astronomy and science. Often involved in political debates, literary salons and cafes. His craftsmanship represents the ideas of that era, influenced by trends of thought about culture, creativity, and longevity-a cultural heritage that today closely links the Geneva watchmaker with the author of the Social Contract. On the one hand, Rousseau’s work emphasizes the value of craftsmanship; on the other hand, Vacheron Constantin’s works emphasize the leading role of culture. The use of works of art and respect for personal craftsmanship are the best manifestations of this ongoing commitment, just as many long-term cultural partnerships this company has engaged in. To commemorate Rousseau’s 300th birthday, Vacheron Constantin has specially participated in supporting four important projects and activities.
Opera JJR (Geneva Citizen), photo: GTG / Carole Parodi
    JJR (Geneva Citizen) is an opera that reflects natural and logical choices. The world’s top new operas are becoming less and less. Supporting this project is a natural and logical choice for Vacheron Constantin, because Vacheron Constantin has always been committed to supporting artistic innovation.
    Opera combines lyrics and musical performances, and plays an important role in the cultural cooperation cherished by Vacheron Constantin. The Grand Théâtre de Genève is one of the most advanced cultural institutions in Geneva. The JJR Opera (Geneva Citizen) was performed at the Geneva Grand Theater from September 11th to 24th, 2012. Vacheron Constantin supported this opera out of these two A very clear reason. The world premiere includes renowned composer Philippe Fénélon, playwright Ian Burton, and stage director Robert Carsen, making the opera a top priority in commemorating the 300th birthday of philosopher Rousseau.
    The short film series La Faute à Rousseau was sponsored by La Faute à Rousseau, Rita Productions, RTS (Swiss National Radio and Television) and the University of Arts and Design Geneva (HEAD). 60 short films produced by 50 independent filmmakers, as well as prose, drama, comedy, documentary, TV series, animated movies and more. Regardless of the film’s form or style, the spirit of the philosopher is still full of energy, shining in these short 4 minute films.
    Le Nez dans le Ruisseau This film was enthusiastically compiled, directed and produced by a group of film enthusiasts. Some professional actors participated in the cooperation, including Sami Frey. The film is a particularly subtle depiction of the idea of ​​advancing with the times conveyed by a man who likes to call himself a ‘Citizen of Geneva.’
    Festival of Thought Vacheron Constantin works closely with various lectures and works with Rousseau in New York and Berlin. The purpose is to emphasize the modern scope and relevance of the trends of thought from Geneva and their influence on the contemporary issues facing modern Western societies.