Wang Jing: No Watch Can Satisfy All The Desires Of A Watch

There is no praise for the chanting of the watch. Wang Ji used a slightly literary tone to express some aesthetic trends of literary style (although I think he might not agree with my use of the rotten word Describe him). But he is also active, planning and ambitious. He emphasizes ‘reliable’ in his work, which is a unique background for watch collectors.
    Wang Ji Watch connoisseur, producer of ‘Time Art’ and ‘First Class’ magazine, one of the sponsors and the first judge of ‘Yingchuantang Review’ in the Chinese watch collection. The author of a watch that was once called the ‘most drag’.
The best watch in life
    Wang Jizhi said to reporters chicly that what disappeared briefly was luxury. Before long, he told another story and proved it in circles. He said that the watch he could no longer find was the best watch in life. The first watch in life that he bought when he stepped into the university, the Omega Speedmaster, was lost because of his ridiculous years. If he could be met now, he would buy it again no matter how much it cost.
    Whether he was wearing PP or Panerai now, or even though he asked his family for the watch at the time, it was only influenced by Japanese watch magazines, and felt very trendy, but if you ask him the one in his heart that touched him most , Still the lost Omega.
    Well, we all know that the lack of access to the lost needle is always a dangling needle. Probably for this reason, the watch seems more meaningful-because its mechanical operation always reminds people that cherishing the moment is the most important.
On the left is PP5726, which aroused the desire of Wang Ji to wear watches.
The significance of a watch lies in a momentary joy
    ‘One watch, three or five days of joy, is enough.’ This is Wang Ji’s expression of happiness in hiding a watch. Indeed, when he asked him to hide the pictures of the watch, he just took out five watches from the bank in accordance with the concise style of his magazine, took a photo, sent it, and then locked it in the bank again. ‘I usually don’t like the feeling of wearing a watch. Except for the current Patek Philippe 5726, this is indeed a watch that evokes the feeling of wearing a watch. For me, this is already a ‘universal watch’ It’s because its annual calendar shows that I do n’t have to look around like a stupid neck every time I sign a contract. The rubber strap I wear is also comfortable and convenient. But what about it? I’ve been searching for a suitable strap for a long time Every time I get a watch, I am happy for three or five days, and I feel so good looking, I have been satisfied and I can lock it in the cabinet after enjoying it. ‘
    ‘No watch can satisfy all people’s desires for a watch. There is no perfect thing, and people are always pursuing multiple sides. Even Patek Philippe is impossible. And even if there is no watch that can completely represent Patek Philippe ‘I don’t know if it is because of the influence of Dongying’s study abroad on Wang Ji’s aesthetics. He often used a slightly literary tone and sentences to express some aesthetic tendencies of literary style, although I think he may not agree with me Grungy words describe him.
Wang Ji Watch Collection
I don’t care if the watch is accurate
    ‘I know that watch collectors today are divided into two groups. One is to restore the watch to a real chronograph, returning to what it was 100 years ago, mechanical precision, and no involvement with art. For example, Rolex. And I However, it does not care about the accuracy of the watch. I certainly know their mechanical reliability, but my point is that a thing can only become a luxury product like art if it is more out of practicality. What I care about is that the beauty brought by these machines, of course, contains a lot of them. The mechanical beauty embodied by the movement, the grinding of parts, and the curves are all the final visual beauty. ‘These are the kings. Silent favorite watch, this luxury personality.
    However, when it comes to watch collection investment, Wang Ji’s strong reason as a man immediately appeared. ‘If you look at it without any emotion, there are too few watches worth collecting! But in an auction just concluded on May 14, it proved that the top antique watches are very worthy of attention.’ I saw a Rolex from 1955. , The appearance is really good! The single appearance is like a new watch, but it has a distinct and unparalleled taste of the years than the new watch, that kind of cultural sense. In the end it was sold at 10 times the market price. I used to discuss with Zhang Yesheng, like drinking old wine, even if it was not a good year, because with the taste of time precipitation, the feeling of time and space travel will be more intoxicating than the new wine of good vintage. . We have a summary. Regarding the experience of enjoyment, whether it is for wine or watches, I think it is the same: it is normal for the elderly to wear the old watch, and it is young for the elderly to wear the new watch. It is normal for young people to wear new watches, and it is tasteful for young people to wear old watches. Today’s machining accuracy is stronger than before, which does not mean that people in this era are smarter than those in those days. For an old watch, because the processing accuracy is not high, there are more manual interventions and more artificial temperament. Instead of putting it in a machine, a watch comes out.
Chinese watch circle must have a say
    One of Wang Ji’s recent events was to find eight watch collectors with great names in the Chinese language circle and make a watch selection together.
    This is an ambitious thing. This ‘Yingchuantang Review’ reveals its ambitions from the cover. Like the Michelin Guide, it uses a red cover, and the big words on the cover read ‘2011 Chinese Circle Watch Collection Weathervane’. It is going to become an actual book. Consumption guide book of Red Treasure, but also one review a year.
    Of course, the nine judges all have a status. Zhong Yonglin, who has ‘developed’ the ‘Top Ten Famous Watches’, Zhang Haosheng, who is known as a grand brother, and Wang Jinlong, who independently produced Taiwan’s first tourbillon pocket watch, have already collected many top-level watches in the 1970s. For the ‘rich second generation’ Mr. Ye Shurong, Mr. Huo Feile who had independently produced the first tourbillon watch on the mainland … and so on, etc., no matter what the ranking is, there is a sound of any name. ‘People who live to this level are reliable in doing things.’
    ‘We spend the most time making rules because as long as the rules are set, the rest will be reliable. What we have selected, apart from the annual watch king, the rest must be relatively easy to buy in the market. The annual watch king must be The new watch of the year, but other watches can be within 10 years. Each judge will score blindly and win the highest score … ‘Many detailed rules are listed before the list. ‘When I was young, I also bought a lot of’ face watches. ‘A brand produced a special watch and couldn’t help buying it.’ Wang Ji said, ‘So in short, we have to make a From the perspective of Chinese people’s appreciation, we have selected watches that are suitable for Chinese people to wear, hoping to have real guiding significance for consumers. ‘
Playthings quotes
The watch that can no longer be found is the best watch in life. What disappeared was the real luxury.
I don’t care about the accuracy of the watch. I just care about the visual beauty that the watch brings. Of course, this includes a lot.
A good watch is impossible in a lifetime. The system of monogamy is impossible on the watch.
No watch can satisfy all the desires of a watch. Not even Patek Philippe. There is no such thing as perfect, and people are always pursuing multiple sides.