Flying Passion And Passion Zenith Pilot Pilot Watch Series

‘ZENITH is a brand destined to be born for pilots! In addition, with all the essential advantages of all watches in a beautiful case, you really should have a Zenith!’ This admiration comes from Moran According to Léon Morane, the pilot who set a record speed of more than 100 kilometers per hour for the first time in 1910 praised Zenith. Since the beginning of the 20th century, due to the vigorous development of air transportation, aircraft and spacecraft across the ocean and over the polar regions have begun to appear, and the demand for high-precision instruments on aviation tools has increased. Zenith was one of the first manufacturers to produce aircraft instruments. Zenith watches perfectly interpret the grand ambitions that inspire pilots to fight in the sky. The brand’s timers and watches are accurate and reliable, and they accompany pilots to sail thousands of miles, reflecting their ambition to conquer adversity, accurate control of distance and the ambition to transcend themselves.
     The instruments made by Zenith meet the technical requirements of the aviation industry: not only can withstand temperature changes, magnetic field changes and body vibrations, but also they are accurate, reliable, durable, clear and easy to read. The Zenith Pilot’s Watch is not only an in-flight instrument, but also a good helper for pilots, and strives to protect the safety of pilots. Because of this, in the 1930s and 1940s, Zenith Type 20 pilot watches were used as airborne instruments on many aircraft, including the famous Caudron aircraft.
The pilot watches of the early 20th century were all the magnificent barbed crowns of Louis Blériot, as well as the luminous hands and numerals are typical characteristics of pilot watches at the time
     Today, Pilot watches inherit the style of their predecessors, showing the glory of the glorious era and the ambition to conquer the sky. The mechanical structure of the watch embodies the long history of watchmaking in the watch factory, and its outstanding aesthetics interpret the infinite creativity inspired by the free flight. Pilot watches are synonymous with exploration and discovery, conveying passion for adventure, symbolizing a flourishing future, dedicated to lovers of flying and aviation history, dedicated to mechanical lovers, and those who love large spaces. Three watches, three outstanding works that explain the fun of flying. Three perfect mechanical masterpieces, the best travel companions of our time. Three precise and reliable instruments embody a comfortable and comfortable spirit of freedom and a dream come true: explore the unknown and unknown sky, and soar in the air at ease. Each Zenith Pilot watch is the incarnation of the flying god Icarus, the pilots Blériot and Morane, or the inventor da Vinci. Wear Zenith Pilot watches on your wrist today and let these great men with flying dreams be with you.
Crossing the English Channel
     Overlooking Sangatte Beach, it looks like a streamer on the horizon. Off the ground is the first step on an adventure. Throw the markers set along the coastline behind your head, and fly to the depths of the vault, perhaps there, the mist and the sky merge into one, and watch the waves of clouds disappear. Defeat strong winds, noise, fear and gravity. As small as a drop in the sea, as big as a giant bird. Like a dragonfly that challenges turbulence, gently glances over Cap Blanc Nez. Like a small spot in the blue sky, looking from a distance, it is smaller than a seagull. The steep cliffs of Port Dover attract attention. Fly towards the lush field of England on the other side. A 30-minute flight is as long as life. As far as I can remember, the strait is a vast world; it pays tribute to the most wonderful and original ‘heavier than air’ pilots.
ZENITH and Bririo
     Calais, July 25, 1909, 4.15 a.m. Brillio is ready to fly the Blériot XI. The wind increased at night, and the British newspaper Daily Mail raised the challenge of flying an aircraft across the English Channel, which seemed to be the best time to respond to this challenge. The range is 40 kilometers … For some, this is an unrealistic dream, but Brillio completed the adventure in 37 minutes. People have always called it ‘the king of breaking the limit’, but from this moment, Brillio became the unquestionable ‘father of aviation’. At the time, he was wearing a Zenith watch on his wrist …
Historic Zenith Type 20 pilot watch
1939 Zenith Type 20 Pilot’s Watch
     On March 19, 1912, Louis Blériot stated: ‘I am very satisfied with this Zenith watch that I wear daily, and I will recommend it to people who seek high precision.’ The watch is equipped with luminous hands and numerals to make the time legible. In addition, the crown of the watch is easy to operate and can be easily adjusted even when wearing gloves. The seconds counter at 6 o’clock completes the time information. The Zenith Type 20 Pilot’s Watch has a power reserve of up to 36 hours. Since 1939, most French aircraft have been using this precision instrument. This sturdy, reliable and accurate watch has won praise from aviation manufacturers and professionals. This instrument is installed on the dashboard of many aircraft, including the Caudron Simoun C.635. This aircraft is not only a training aircraft for the French Air Force, but also an aircraft used by Air Bleu for international and transatlantic transportation.
     The watch is fixed on the dashboard, the case is made of light alloy, and the rolled bezel is convenient for users to grasp and refine the watch. The dial is subtle and generous, and is equipped with a specially thickened luminous numerals, which are legible when read. The small second hand is set at 6 o’clock, and the luminous hour and minute hands make the time clear. In order to meet the reliability and accuracy required by the aviation industry, the watch movement is specially equipped with a bimetal balance, with an anti-magnetic automatic compensation hairspring, and a Swiss fork-style escapement.
PILOT series new work 1: Pilot’s watch of the first-ZENITH TYPE 20 Pilot’s Watch New Type 20 Pilot’s Watch
     A watch that pays tribute to its pioneers. The new Type 20 pilot watch draws inspiration from a long history, perfectly integrates the latest technology, and ingeniously interprets the successful aesthetic style of Miles Soaring. The Pilot Watch Type 20 pilot watch has a diameter of 57.5 millimeters, and its design is reminiscent of the most amazing flying great work of the early 20th century. This watch pays high respect to aviation pioneers, condenses infinite time and space, and embodies the ambition of great discovery.
     This watch uses all design elements flexibly and cleverly. In order to reflect the ideal of human beings trying to conquer the blue sky, the watch chooses to fix time in a wide space and accurately record the elapsed time. The components in the case all show the characteristics of aeronautical instruments. The case diameter reaches 57.5 millimeters. It is specially made of titanium to balance the weight of the movement. The notch crown of the watch is reminiscent of the crown of a pilot’s watch. This special design makes it easy for pilots to adjust the watch even when wearing gloves. The 27 mm lugs are decorated with ring handles for a clean and simple design, with a vintage leather strap fully hand-stitched and trimmed. The retro style extends from the strap to the black dial, and the wearer of the luminous component on the dial can read the time at a glance. Under the sturdy double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, the embossed hour markers covered with Superluminova are clearly visible, and the hands are also covered with fluorescent material.
     The small seconds counter is set at 9 o’clock and the power reserve indicator is set at 3 o’clock. The two present a perfect visual balance. This remarkable aesthetic is mainly to make time clear and easy to read. In addition, this outstanding design incorporates the concepts and functionality of traditional flying watches.
Chronograph master ZENITH Pilot Montre d Aeronef Type 20 with 5011K manual winding movement, diameter: 50 mm, thickness 10 mm, components: 34, gems: 19, frequency of 18,000 vibrations per hour, power reserve: 48 hours, COSC: Swiss Observatory certification.
     Through the case’s transparent sapphire crystal case back, you can see the delicate structure of the 5011K manual winding mechanical movement. The movement has a diameter of 50 mm, and its surface is exquisitely decorated, just like the 19 jewel bearings and the large straight lines that form the rhodium-plated bridge form the Geneva ripple. This movement is certified by the Swiss Observatory and its distinguished name comes from the famous 5011 pocket watch movement. Since the 1960s, the Calibre 5011 has made Zenith internationally renowned. In 1967, the Neuchatel Observatory awarded this movement the title of ‘the most accurate chronograph movement in history’. Since then, Zenith has continued to produce movement 5011, which powers many precision instruments such as racing watches, marine chronographs, pocket watches, and watchmaking timepieces.
     The movement 5011 oscillates 18,000 times per hour and is equipped with an independent stopper for the second hand, which can be synchronized with the hour hand. The balance wheel of the movement and the escapement’s pivot are equipped with anti-vibration mechanism. In addition, the movement is equipped with delicate adjustments, anti-magnetic automatic compensation Breguet hairspring, removable screw bracket, double arrow pointer assembly And Zenith on the shank shaft fixing system. These special designs fit perfectly, not only bringing outstanding performance to the watch, but also retaining unique retro qualities.
Expedition Antarctica
     At the end of the world-the legendary mysterious Antarctic. Explore the unknown and become a pioneer. Forge ahead into the desolate area of ​​’the human footprint has never arrived, never seen before’. Snow-white sails rise in the icebergs and cold winds. Head to the least-known strange continent on earth. Walking alone in the white earth, everyone can only rely on himself. Challenge the hidden crisis, monotonous ice and snow, and overcome the disorderly shifting magnetic field. Be careful to avoid the deep fissures, and cleverly pass the sharp peaks. Admire the dream-like South Aurora up close, leaving footprints in a deserted environment, bringing science to the last land. Hope to plunge into this white world, ready to defend against the most dangerous attacks, the brave is fearless. With the enthusiasm of the explorer, conquer the last unknown land. 1956: Admiral George J. Dufek and seven team members nicknamed ‘lucky seven’ boarded an LC-47 aircraft called ‘Que sera, sera’ to complete their first landing in Antarctica.

The Beauty Of The Oval Three Recommended Business Banquet Watches

Today’s watches are mostly round and square watches, followed by wine barrels and ovals, and other shaped watches are even rarer. Generally speaking, it is more orthodox and not so different. It is mainly beauty with square circles. Today is more special. Going beyond these traditional beauty, Watch House recommends several watches with oval beauty. The beauty of the oval.

Amy Long Pearl Series 06.3881.L. Watch

Watch Series: Pearl Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel / 18K rose gold with diamonds
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 34.5×28.5 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 30000
Watch details: After a smart adjustment, this brand-new style shows precision and balance, sublimating the traditional spirit of the brand’s continuous innovation: a watch full of the feminine image, perfectly blending gentleness and rigorous characteristic. The feminine dream and elegant temperament have brought the brand’s different marks together again: straight Roman numerals decoration, flying lines, and a graduated track composed of dotted lines.

Longines Dolce Vita DolceVita L2. watch

Watch Series: Dai Chuo Wiener Series
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Domestic public price: 20900
Details of the watch: Déco’s artistic style is inspired by the design. It adopts the mother-of-pearl surface, Arabic numerals and black hands running along the inner orbit minute track, and the small seconds are set at 6 o’clock on the watch. Burgundy leather straps and Mayan-style diamond lugs add a lot to this watch.

Summary: The three watches recommended for everyone today are made of precious metals, so the price is definitely higher than that of base metals, so whether you are participating in business events or attending a banquet, you will be A sparkling point, combined with an alternative oval design, can add a little more light to you.

Swatch Will Cut Spare Parts Supply Swiss Luxury Watch Industry May Be Hit Hard

The US ‘Fortune’ website reported on November 13 that the Swiss regulator introduced new regulations on October 25 that allow the Swatch Group to reduce the supply of spare parts for other brands of watches, a move that may cause Swiss luxury watch manufacturing is in trouble.

The Swatch Group is the world’s largest watch company and has a near monopoly position in the production and sale of Swiss watch movements and accessories. The majority of Swiss luxury watch manufacturers are small and do not have the financial resources to manufacture watch parts independently. 75% of the core mechanical parts of Swiss luxury watches come from Swatch.

The report pointed out that the new regulations caused a shock in the Swiss luxury watch manufacturing industry, and some even suspected that the Swiss luxury watch industry would be eliminated. Industry analysts point out that investors may merge small manufacturers, and merge between manufacturers to form large groups.

Swatch’s move is to use more parts for the production of private label watches. It is estimated that the new regulations will increase sales of Swatch watches by $ 4 billion. It is worth noting that some manufacturers are beginning to consider developing China into their new supplier, but at least 50% of the watches with the ‘Made in Switzerland’ label are made in Switzerland.

Quickly Return With Creative Timing Function Oris Art Master Gt Chronograph

Oris’ dream is to combine the spirit of racing with Swiss craftsmanship to create a distinctive watch. In the new master of art GT chronograph, we can clearly understand the watchmakers’ deep understanding and unremitting passion for motorsport and watchmaking tradition. The creative vertical 5 second countdown function cleverly restores the countdown process of the racing start light.

Transparent back cover of new Oris Artix GT chronograph reveals Oris Calibre 774 movement and red dial logo
   The small seconds at 9 o’clock on the dial not only indicates the seconds, but also has a vertical 5 seconds countdown function, which is consistent with the F1 Grand Prix starting light countdown principle, that is, 5 seconds count every 15 seconds. There is a vertical window on the upper part of the small seconds dial. The background color is white. Within every minute, the time display will be displayed after 10 seconds, 25 seconds, 40 seconds, and 55 seconds. white.

   Solving complex problems with ingenuity is a tradition at Oris. The indicator dial under the small seconds dial is white with a red step-like pattern printed every 10 seconds, and the whole looks like a red ‘windmill’. When it rotates, it displays a 5-second timing every 15 seconds through the vertical window. On the edge of the small seconds dial, there is a small red square running every 60 seconds, which is the watch’s true small second hand.

Watch powered by Oris774 automatic mechanical movement
   The 44mm case of the watch is made of stainless steel, and the shape is simple and tough. Under the transparent case back, Oris’s iconic red rotor is like a blade of an engine, injecting power into the watch. The black matte ceramic bezel can be rotated in both directions, marked with a polished minute scale, and the sides of the bezel are wrapped with rubber for more convenient operation. The watch comes with a racing-style black perforated rubber strap or a stainless steel strap.

Neutral Design Subverts The Watch Tradition

Who stipulates that ‘bulks’ with dial diameters greater than 38mm belong only to men? Who stipulates that the waterproof depth of 1200 meters is only a man’s patent? Who stipulates that minimalist designs can only be applied to women’s watches? Who stipulates that luxury jewelry must be set on women’s watches? In this era of subversion of tradition, as long as those trendy men and women are willing, the so-called rules of the game for men and women watches can also be just a ‘so-called’.

A, post-pop style reproduction
Since the pop wave of the last century, countless young people have chased such a wave at least while taking advantage of the last train of young people. Now radar is no exception. This all-black high-tech ceramic r5.5 watch reproduces the classic The design, the rounded square dial and the strap are completely integrated, which completely obscures the gender positioning of a watch, which reminds people of the days when bell-bottom pants, toad mirrors and flower shirts became popular.
RMB 25,600

Longines military watch series
B. Military watches are favored by women
Probably the most attractive thing for men’s watches for girls is the sturdy case and all kinds of quirky features, so people will always see men’s watches with oversized dials swaggering across the market. The military watch series launched by Longines just satisfies the curiosity of some girls. The stainless steel case can easily meet the challenges of life and has a water resistance of 30 meters. I believe that girls who love outdoor sports will surely love it.
RMB 7,900

Montblanc launches the ‘Viller 1858 series’
C, neutral wind in retro
Neutral is not the patent of modern aesthetics. In ancient times, neutral was a sought-after and unique style. The best example is Joan of Arc, who once wore white armor and shuttled on the battlefield. Today, Montblanc’s latest product, the ‘Viller 1858 Series’, the Zero Seconds Watch is a neutral watch that pays homage to vintage style. The design of the white dial and brown strap makes the entire watch look like a craftsman from the last century, while the rose gold case is a bit reserved for the aesthetics of contemporary clocks. RMB 418,080

Omega Seahorse Series
D. The temptation of a large dial
Although the Omega Seahorse series Ocean Universe Jewelry Watch has the most luxurious decoration and the high-profile appearance of inviting Nicole Kidman to endorse and show the world that this is indeed a female watch, from the market response, choose this ocean There are not a few men in the series. No wonder, from the appearance alone, even with diamonds, large silver-white dials and classic black crocodile straps, it is difficult to judge whether this is a Kun watch, and even if it is, it cannot stop some men’s pursuit, Because men can also be fascinated by jewelry.
RMB 140,200

IWC Da Vinci watches
E, the model of neutral design
If the watch also has a gender, it should be divided into male, female and neutral. In fact, the male watch and the female watch are highly referenced from the design level. Only the design of the neutral watch requires the designer’s Some hard work and absolute inspiration. IWC’s Da Vinci watch is a model of neutral watch design, the blue dial and blue alligator leather strap will make any man and woman fall in love at first sight. Between the squares, the silver tonneau-shaped dial can be paired with any outfit, and this is also a Da Vinci Lawrence commemorative watch. The graffiti relief on the back of the dial reminds every wearer of his old days.
RMB 215,000

Glasutti Original Nanjing West Road Boutique Opening-preheat

Persist in letting the legend continue and the challenges of the years can not take away the watchmaker’s passion for watches. Since the manufacture of German clocks and watches in 1845, deep watchmaking enthusiasm and exquisite craftsmanship have allowed Glashütte Original to pass the test of times and years and set the best example of precision ‘German craftsmanship’. Writes a glorious history that spans three centuries. And the top German watchmaking tradition has made Glashütte Original loved and favored by people in China and around the world.

Legacy of Glory-from 1845

   Since the end of the 19th century, various pocket watches, observation watches and nautical clocks produced by the town of Glashütte have become the object of people who love German watchmaking. Three-thirds splint, gooseneck trimmer, gold sleeve, columnar sanding, dual disc coaxial large calendar, etc. have also become well-known German watchmaking signature characteristics. And the unique design and craftsmanship of German watchmaking make German watches still popular.

German watchmaking charm

   On December 2, 2014, the Glashüti Origianl Nanjing West Road boutique is about to open. At that time, we will be able to experience the exquisite ‘German-style craftsmanship’ in the Nanjing West Road business district in Shanghai. Go through the ‘Essence’, ‘Arts and Crafts’, ’20th Century Retro’ and ‘Women’ sharp in the shop, find the long track of German watchmaking and enter the Glashüti Origianl German classic In the world of time.

German craftsmanship settled in Nanjing West Road, Shanghai

Address 1049 West Nanjing Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai
Phone 021-62185268

Glashütte Original Introduction

   Original, with the relentless pursuit of creating an unprecedented model of watches. Since 1845, Glashütte Original has always represented Germany’s top watchmaking craftsmanship, inheriting the pure bloodlines of the watchmaking industry of the Saxony Kingdom to the present day, and is renowned worldwide. In 1920, the master watchmaker Alfred Helwig invented the flying tourbillon, which established Glashütte’s original solid foundation in the field of complex watches. Adhering to the value concept of innovation, Glashütte created the world’s first dual-disc coaxial large calendar watch, and it is also the only watch brand with a double gooseneck spinner movement in the world. Self-disciplined by strict watchmaking standards, Glashütte Original creates manufacturing tools and produces exquisite dials for each timepiece. Its four series of watches are 100% equipped with original homemade movements, and 95% of the movement parts are made of Originally made in Germany, it can be described as pure German. The watch museum established to promote the profound time history of Glashütte Township inherits the original culture of Glashütte and Glashütte Township as the center of German watchmaking. Taking the glorious mission of the German cultural communicator, Glashütte Original collaborates with Germany’s grandest cultural event, the Berlin International Film Festival and the Dresden Music Festival, to explain the pursuit of the top German watch manufacturers in the future. .

One Hundred Thousand Up And Down Three Top Ladies’ Mechanical Watches Recommended

Among the world’s top watch brands, there are not many women’s watches that make better watches than men’s watches. The ratio of men and women in most brands is still maintained at 6: 4, so many The application of the brand in some of the top technologies will still give priority to men’s watches. Today, the Watch House will recommend three top ladies’ watches for you. These women’s watches can be said to be completely men’s watches of the same brand. Models, because the brand’s investment in women’s watches is no less than men’s watches.

Bvlgari LVCEA Series 102328 LUP33C6GLD Watch

Watch series: LVCEA series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 33 mm
Domestic public price: 94000
Watch details: Altiplano watch with 450P ultra-thin hand-wound mechanical movement.

Summary: In recent years, as women pay more and more attention to watches, more and more women’s watches are launched by brands, and some brands have launched neutral watches. In fact, I think these neutral watches are aimed at Most are still some female cousins. Today, the three watches recommended for everyone, from the brand, Bulgari, Cartier, Piaget are not comparable to some fashion watch brands, from the design of the watch to all aspects, the three recommended watches Watches are familiar to everyone, very classic.

Zenith Doha Store Opens Grandly

Zenith Doha store opened grandly. The attendees included Jean-Frédéric Dufour, President of Zenith, and Nabi Abou, President of Blue Salon Group. · Nabil AR Abu Issa, the group is renowned for bringing many luxury brands to Qatar.

   Zenith stores are integrated into Doha’s latest luxury resort, The Gate Mall. What’s more, the opening event itself was a unique experience, and guests were able to explore the wonderful world of Zenith in an atmosphere of elegance and elegance when they were dispersed. The Doha store is a beautiful interpretation of Zenith’s new design concept, which is in the same vein as the Hong Kong, Geneva, Wuhan and Shanghai stores.

   Jean-Frédéric Dufour said: ‘The opening of the store is a moment of pride for all of us here. We hope to continue to fulfill our loyal fans of the watchmaking industry and us. Commitment to further carry forward the brand’s deep historical heritage .

Athlete’s Best Partner Richard Mille Rm 67-02 Watch

In addition to being ultra-thin, lightweight, colorful, elegant, sporty, and suitable for any occasion, RICHARD MILLE breaks the precedent and designs RM 67 that can adapt to various sports. -02 watch, and during the research and development process, a number of well-known athletes who are also close friends of the brand personally participated in different models and on various occasions outside the track and field, fully tested the performance of this fully automatic movement.

Tennis player Alexander Zverev wears RM 67-02

The world’s third-ranked tennis player Alexander Zverev turned tennis courts around the world into natural experiments in order to test the shock resistance of the RM 67-02 (TPT® carbon fiber and red TPT® quartz fiber material) he was wearing under repeated acceleration shocks room. The RM 67-02 worn by skier Alexis Pinturault must be able to withstand the extreme cold conditions of the ski slopes and the impact when passing through the flag gate. Furthermore, another designed for the 5th World Rally Championship Sébastien Ogier The version of RM 67-02 needs to be able to accompany him through the different stages of the Argentine car rally. All these models fully demonstrate the mechanical beauty of the CRMA7 movement. The base plate and bridge of the fifth grade titanium alloy are combined with platinum and TPT® carbon fiber variable geometry automatic disks, with perfect polishing. In addition to the comfortable strap and the case made of TPT® composite material with strong abrasion resistance, these watches are perfectly polished to show the beauty, while highlighting the characteristics of each sportsman. -Grade titanium dial. In addition, the brand also configures the watch with a seamless design comfortable strap, which is extremely flexible and ergonomically fits the wrist curve perfectly, reflecting the ultimate comfort.

Skier Alexis Pinturault

Rally car driver Sébastien Ogier

In addition to the above sports, RM 67-02 continues to extend to other sports fields. Currently, Fernando Alonso and rookie driver Charles Leclerc are wearing unique RM 67-02 model watches on the Formula 1 circuit. Gallop is willing to help RM test new technical solutions and hope to one day be fully applied to the new watches of RICHARD MILLE.

Famous Spanish F1 driver Fernando Alonso

Sweet Love Can Also Turn To You

Not only have many stars in the entertainment industry got married recently, the circle of friends has also been screened by friends’ weddings. Love is an eternal topic, and it has been praised by human beings all along. Today, the Watch House recommends three pairs of lovers’ watches to everyone, hoping that everyone can also get sweet love.
Cartier Santos series WSSA0009 (large) / WSSA0010 (medium)

Product model: WSSA0009 (large) / WSSA0010 (medium)
Domestic public price: ¥ 50500 / ¥ 45500
Watch diameter: 39.8mm / 35.1mm
Case thickness: 9.08 mm / 8.83 mm
Movement model: 1847 MC
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: BB41C3SSD / 102606 BBL26C7SS / 12

Product Model: 102396 BB41C3SSD / 102606 BBL26C7SS / 12
Domestic public price: ¥ 52500 / ¥ 40900
Watch diameter: 41mm / 26mm
Movement Type: Automatic / Quartz
Movement model: BVL 191 / Quartz
Case material: Stainless steel
Watch details: bvlgari / 40909 /, bvlgari / 44976 /
Watch reviews: Bvlgari’s watches are exquisite and beautiful, with fascinating Italian style. Walking on the street with a couple watch, the return rate is high. The BVLGARIBVLGARI series is one of Bulgari’s most classic series. The classic round logo makes it recognizable at a glance. Women’s watches have a diameter of 26 mm and men’s watches have a diameter of 41 mm. Both watches have this series of extremely iconic designs, such as the double LOGO logo, inspired by the curved inscriptions on ancient Roman coins; the special stainless steel bracelet design and so on. The women’s watch uses a stainless steel case with a purple sun satin lacquered dial and a quartz movement. The men’s watch uses a stainless steel case with a blue dial and is equipped with the brand’s self-winding BVL191 movement. Hours of power reserve.

Summary: As of this writing, I shed tears belonging to a single dog and lemon essence. The three lovers watches introduced above are pretty good, and the response of the table friends is also high. Wear a couple watch and witness your love with time. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)