What Watches Do You Wear In The Movie ‘speed ​​and Passion’?

Last week, ‘Speed ​​and Passion: Special Action’ was released as the first outside film of the ‘Quick Excite’ series. The story features Dawn Johnson’s Foreign Security Agency agent Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham as the mercenary killer De Carter Shaw, and they no longer focus on the speeding family. Before I saw the Douban score was only 6.4, so I didn’t want to see it. As a result, many table friends left a message in the background to remind them to change the series of articles. After watching it, I found that it is really a brainless popcorn cool film, comedy + action. Fortunately, the main actors in the movie all wore watches, so we can continue to look at them. The big man Johnson wears a Panerai Lummor 1950 series PAM305. Panerai’s history originated in 1860. At first, Panerai’s main business was distribution. In addition to agency Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, Longines, Jaeger-LeCoultre and other brands, it also engaged in the repair of watches and clocks and the wholesale of movement parts. In the early twentieth century, Panerai began supplying and maintaining various military instruments for the Italian navy. In 1916, according to the requirements of the military, Panerai created Radiomir, a radium-based luminous material, used as a luminous coating for instruments and dials. This invention is the first element of the success of the Panerai brand. Strong night light can help divers read various times and data from the bottom. With Radiomir luminous, Panerai has received more orders for military instruments from the Italian Navy, and the cooperation between the two is getting closer. In 1936, with the help of Rolex, Panerai provided the Italian Navy with 10 ‘Radiomir’ prototype watches. And gradually evolved Radiomir 1940 and Luminor 1950, these three models are the most classic series of Panerai brand. Johnson chose the Luminor 1950, which is the most waterproof and protective. The large case size is very suitable for it. At the same time, this PAM305 uses a titanium alloy case, so it is not heavy to wear and is very suitable. The American ‘Guoda’ Jason Statham wore a Rolex Submariner, which is what we often call a water ghost. However, he chose not a modern model in production, but an antique watch. At the beginning of the show, he visited his mother in prison and gave a close-up shot in less than 0.5 seconds. Although it is fleeting, we can still recognize a few points: 1. No calendar 2. No magnifying glass 3. Large tooth rotating outer ring 4. Thin lugs, and at the same time, other lenses can get information with shoulder pads. The model that finally locked out was the second-generation Rolex Submariner, but because the dial’s picture was too dim, it was impossible to determine whether it was Ref.5512 or Common Ref.5513 certified by the Observatory. The Rolex appearing in the play should be Jason Statson’s own collection, because he is really a ‘labor fan’. Previously, he was photographed several times wearing Rolex antique GMT Ref. 1655 and antique Daytona. Ryan Reynolds’s agent wears a 168566 from a Chopard racing series. Compared to the Rolex Water Ghost and Panerai Luminor 1950, Chopin has a much lower probability of appearing. The main feature of the racing series is the collection of racing elements. For example, the strap will have the texture of racing tires, and then the power reserve display is similar to the old car oil gauge. At the same time, the scale also uses large Arabic numerals to improve recognition. The MI6 agent played by Vanessa Kirby did not wear a watch at the beginning, but replaced it with an Apple watch during the final showdown. Apple watch sells too well, anyway, when you don’t know what watch to wear, the probability of choosing this one is the lowest. The most beautiful supporting role in the play, Mexican actor Eiza González, played Ms. M, wearing a Rolex log Ref.126231. Only two simple shots were given in the movie. One was confirmed to be a rose gold five-bead chain, and the other was equipped with an oyster plate buckle. This combination indicates that it is a new log series equipped with a 32 series movement. In addition, I checked Eiza González’s self-portrait beauty video, and confirmed that this watch is a light-colored mother-of-pearl disc + diamond scale, and it was finally determined to be this Ref.126231-002. Eiza González, like Jason Steinson, is also a ‘worker fan’. She has been photographed wearing Rolex diaries many times before, and is also rose gold + mother-of-pearl + diamond scale. It’s just that the old ones are the old ones, and the new ones appear in this movie. —END —