Whether The Movado Waterproof Watch Really Does Not Enter The Water

Many people feel at ease when they buy waterproof watches, and then complain about water ingress. Is the waterproof watch really water-tight? In order to get out of this misunderstanding, the watch house will answer your questions.
  First introduce a new watch-Movado TC ™ new series watch, ultra-thin, comfortable, simple features and male and female choices make it the focus of fashion. The watch is made of solid pure stainless steel, with a flexible three-row link bracelet, alternating polished and matt links, with hidden folding clasps. Women’s watches have a rainbow-colored white mother-of-pearl dial that adds a touch of warmth to their dazzling modern look; men’s watches have impactful frosted sunburst dials available in dark blue and black, silver The hollow hands, slim cylindrical hour markers and Movado’s iconic concave sun dots at 12 o’clock are paired with a strong visual presentation. In addition, its waterproof depth reaches 30 meters.

  However, despite this, this type of watch still has the problem of water ingress.
  The ordinary Movado waterproof watch is not a diving watch. Although it adopts sealing measures to prevent the invasion of sweat and harmful gases, it is not absolutely water-resistant. At the same time, some unavoidable phenomena will occur during the use of the watch: every day, the winding needle, the rubber ring inside the crown or the crown tube will gradually wear; the glass is affected by temperature and expands and contracts, which will cause it to interact with the watch There is a gap in the upper frame of the case; the waterproof rubber ring of the back cover is aged or corroded by the influence of sweat, which will reduce the waterproof performance of the waterproof watch. Therefore, you should never wear a general waterproof watch to swim or bathe. Pay attention when washing clothes, washing dishes, and cooking. Do not splash water on the watch or allow water vapor to enter the watch. Otherwise, the parts inside the watch will rust with water, affect the quality of the time, and even lose its use value.

  Of course, some people will question why another ordinary watch can be waterproof? This is just a coincidence. Because everyone knows that the use and operation frequency of the watch are different, the degree of wear of the rubber ring will not be the same, not to mention that there are many objective factors, such as local weather, working environment, etc., will also affect the life of the waterproof ring.
  Although the watch is waterproof, it can’t be completely reassured, it’s just more likely that it won’t enter the water. Therefore, replacing the waterproofing ring at regular intervals, and frequently checking and maintaining the watch are the correct choices for the way the watch enters the water.